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Travel Agent: Hong Thai Travel Services Ltd.
Tour: Japan 5Days/4Nights

We are going to do a project which is to conduct a tour evaluation by applying the skills of how to select a destination for a tour itinerary under the major considerations. We also make the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of this tour itinerary. Final, we are also giving the recommendations under our opinions. Company Background

Hong Thai Travel Service Ltd was established in 1966 and they are mainly selling the train or air ticket and serving the inbound tourists. Nowadays, Hong Thai became a large-sized, famous and professional travel agency in Hong Kong. It has over than 30 branches all over Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, Macau, Singapore etc. Moreover, it is the number of participants to become the largest travel agencies in Hong Kong 8 years continuously.

They provide good quality and diversity of travel products and services that the outbound tour, independent tour, booking the air and hotel tickets, cruise, booking the Ocean Park, Disneyland, and NP 360 tickets.

Hong Thai is a big travel agency in Hong Kong. It provides a professional image to the customer. Their tour guides are very professional. When the customers have some question, they can answer the question as soon as possible. They want the entire customer have a warm feeling in the tour. It seems like all of them are family. They have many tours in a year. It shows that the relationship with their supplier is good. They may have a first offer for booking.

About the linkage with Supplier, Hong Thai travel relies on suppliers, including airlines, hotels, outbound operators and destination attention etc. In their product offered, the linkages with suppliers and the familiarity with certain markets are major considerations when deciding what kinds of product to be developed.

Tour Itinerary
We choose the itinerary of the date of 13th April 2009.
Day 1: Hong Kong  Sendai International Airport (仙台)  Chuo-dori Stree(中央大道) Ichiban-cho-dori Street(一番町大道)  Aoba-dori Stree(青葉大道)  Yen100 Shop

Day 2: Matsushim(松島)  A shark's fin and seafood market  Strawberry farm  Hotel Listel Inawashiro (豬苗代湖Listel 溫泉度假酒店)

Day 3: Nikko Sukura Road(日光櫻木街道)  Toshogu Shrine (日光東照宮)  Rin-no-ji Temple(輪王寺)  Futara-san-jinja Shrin(二荒山神社)  Nikko-Suginamiki-Kaido(古杉大道)  Sano Premium Outlet(佐野)

Day 4: Tokyo Disneyland Park/DisneySea Park ( 1 Day pass)
Day 5: Lalaport Kashiwanoha(千葉購物城)  Tokyo Narita Airport  Hong Kong

Tour Itinerary
We choose the tour which is a five days scenic Japan tour of east Japan, including Sendai, Nikko, and Tokyo. Tour code:TSC05-2F
Departure date:9th April 200913th April 2009
Price – Adult$8999$7599
Price – child (age below 12)$8899$7499
Price – child (age below 12, without bed)$8099$6899
Choosing flight of CX and KA Hong Kong to Tokyo
CX520 1035/1600
Sendai to Hong Kong
KA8321 1550/1940Hong Kong to Sendai
KA8320 0930/1450
Tokyo to Hong Kong
CX549 1555/1940
Tour featuresFlowers Fruits tour: To enjoy the sight of sukura – cherry blossoms and reap the strawberries. Scenic view: historical and cultural tour
Fun: Disneyland or Disneysea park; Hot spring in Inawashiro; cruise tour for travelling Matsushima Shopping: Sano Premium Outlet; Lalaport

Brief introduction of Destinations

Sendai(仙台) is known as "The City of Trees." The main streets, Aoba-dori and Jozenji-dori, are lined with rows of beautiful zelkova trees, The Christmas illumination, the "Sendai Pageant of Starlight" is spectacular, not to mention the beauty of fresh verdure in spring and the scarlet-tinged leaves in autumn. Ichiban-cho-dori Street, which crosses Chuo-dori Street and runs parallel to Aoba-dori Street, is a shopping area.

Matsushima(松島) is located in the central part of Miyagi Prefecture. Some 260 islands, large and small, are scattered in picturesque Matsushima Bay. The view of Matsushima changes...
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