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Travel Agency has instructed the Human Resource (HR) department to review their recruiting strategies to hire a new employee. The HR specialist will have to compare recruiting strategies and review the offer process in order to select the most qualified applicant.  

Running head: Travel Agency HR3

How do you attract and hire the most qualified applicant for your vacant positions? This process and responsibility falls on the Human Resource (HR) Department. The HR department is broken down into difference sections of HR specialist who specialize in a specific area of HR. The HR Specialist will review the different recruitment strategies available, review the potential applicants and submit an offer to the most qualified applicant. Recruitment Strategy

Most organizations perform their recruiting in-house. By recruiting in-house this will assist in keep the recruiting cost to a minimum, recruiting searches are consistent from opening to closing and the specific needs of the organization are easier met. Another method that could be used is the open versus targeted. One of the toughest aspects of recruitment is knowing where to locate potential applicants. The open recruitment is where the company just throws a wide net to identify potential applicants for their openings. This type of recruitment is considered as being fair for all applicants. Open recruitment does provide the best means of allowing a diverse population of applicants including disabled, minorities, former retirees, veterans, and other commonly overlooked groups. The use of a Running head: Travel Agency HR4

targeted recruitment approach is one where the organization will identify segments in the labor market where qualified applicants are likely to be found using specific Knowledge, Skills, Ability and Other Characteristics (KSAOs). For some organizations limited their options to only one recruitment strategy is not the best approach. When an...
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