Travel Agency Business Plan

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Sir Win Maw Tun

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Lopez, Jennylyn
Bargola, Ronel
Ortcio, Christy Ann
Ascano, Lynette
Silva, Janette
Gaje, Michelle Jade


Executive Summary

One Discovery Travel and Tours (ONDISTRATOU) will begin operations this year and provide adventure and sport/travel packages to people in the Philippines’ urban area, specifically the greater National Capital Region. An opportunity for ONDISTRATOU's success exists because the national tourism and travel industry is growing at 4%, and adventure travel at 10% annually. ONDISTRATOU is poised to take advantage of this growth and lack of competition with an experienced staff, excellent location, and effective management and marketing.

ONDISTRATOU needs to focus on the three key areas of:

• Effective segmentation and targeting of adventure travellers within the larger travel market.

• Successfully position ourselves as adventure travel specialists.

• Communicate the differentiation and quality of our offering through personal interaction, media, and regional marketing.

• Develop a repeat-business base of loyal customers in order to create sufficient sales.

ONDISTRATOU will be Limited Liability Partnership. ONDISTRATOU's total start-up capital requirement is approximately P 1,500,000. Start-up will be financed through the owner's personal investment and a long-term note of P650,000 secured from the Philippine National Bank.

The travel agency market is competitive, and technology, namely the Internet and Computerized Reservation Systems (CRS), has changed the way travel agencies operate. The Internet gives agencies and individuals the ability to perform travel related research. Discount airfare brokers have taken advantage of the Internet by offering tickets online at discounted rates. This has increased price competition. Computerized Reservation Systems have increased the speed and efficiency of the agency-to-customer transaction.

ONDISTRATOU's target customers are health-conscious couples and individuals. They are interested in popular adventure activities such as skiing, whitewater sports, and mountain biking. ONDISTRATOU's most important target customers, however, will be married couples, ages 18 and above, with children and household incomes over P30,000. These health-conscious individuals, couples, and groups interested in popular adventure sports, such as skiing, kayaking, trekking, etc., are ONDISTRATOU's primary customers. ONDISTRATOU's target market is an exploitable niche, and ONDISTRATOU will provide a specialized and thus differentiated service.

ONDISTRATOU has a number of major competitors that the company will seek to acquire market share from. They are:

• Rollins & Hayes;

• Sundance Travel;

• Global Adventure Travel.

ONDISTRATOU will be a small organization and its employees will share in management duties and decision making. Jennylyn Lopez will act as the General Manager, but it will be important for each member of the team to be capable in all aspects of the business. Prerequisites for all ONDISTRATOU employees include at least one year travel industry experience, knowledge and ability in the types of activities ONDISTRATOU will promote, and Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) certification for applicable positions. The CTC designation can be obtained through the Institute of Certified Travel Agents (ICTA).

ONDISTRATOU will begin operations with four full-time positions. The positions are as follows; general manager: Jennylyn Lopez; marketing and advertising directors: Ronel Bargola & Janette Silva; accountant: Christy Ann Orticio; and two travel agents namely Michelle Jade Gaje and Lynnette Ascano.

I. Management Team Plan

ONDISTRATOU is a small organization and its employees will share in management duties and...
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