Trauma Medicine

Topics: Physical trauma, Injuries, Wound Pages: 3 (1132 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Norma Socci

Trauma medicine, also known as emergency medicine, refers to the treatment of a physical wound caused by an external source. It can also be described as "a physical wound or injury, such as a fracture or blow”. Trauma injuries can be life threating if not treated within the “golden hour” which is a nickname for the first hour after a traumatic injury and is known to be the most crucial time for treatment. There are a multitude of causes for trauma injuries that affect the mind and body in many different ways. The leading causes of death due to trauma are blunt trauma, motor vehicle accidents, and falling accidents. The use of alcohol and drugs such as cocaine increase the risk of trauma by making traffic collisions, violence and abuse more likely. Intentional injury such as being shot or stabbed, creating an open wound, are classified as penetrating trauma. Penetrating traumas such as those listed above are more complex due to the fact that they commonly include blunt traumas and sometimes burn injuries. In the United States, most deaths caused by penetrating trauma occur in urban areas, and 80% of these deaths are caused by firearms. The heightened risk factors in urban areas create a perfect setting for penetrating traumas. Prevention of injury is difficult in such settings due to these risk factors and the inability to educate large populations on developing strategies to reduce said risk factors. Education for the reduction of trauma may include information about the importance of seatbelts, child car seats, helmets, alcohol control, and increased enforcement against illegal behaviors. The public health system is a major issue in treating traumas, especially in urban areas. With these injuries, prehospital care (EMTs) is crucial. Blood loss and infection may create an even greater threat to the patient’s life than the actual injury. Post injury rehabilitation systems such as physical therapy are also crucial in proper healing of the wound....
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