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Dead Poet's Society movie summary and description.
Dead poet's society is the story of a group of students at Welton Academy (a respected and conservative school in Vermont). It's a well respected all boys school for those who wish to continue to university. It's based in 1959. It's centred around Mr Keating (played by Robin Williams) who is a young and exciting new English teacher (who is keen on poetry). Mr Keating uses poetry to inspire them to live life with passion He tells them about a club he was in at school called the dead poets society which inspires some of the students to recreate this secret club.They sneak out to the woods where they discuss poetry, philosophy and other literature based topics. As the school is conservative it would be completely unacceptable if they were found out as the school is trying to teach the kids to think for themselves. Dead poet's society is about what happens when these students decide to pursue their dreams and desires with passion. Mr Keating is encouraging these students to keep fulfilling what they want even though they secret club is discovered. This is shown when Neal continues to pursue his acting career. Eventually Neal commits suicide after he goes in the play that he told his father he would pull out of. The school thinks Mr Keating is at fault and he is fired. Before he leaves the kids get up on their desks and shout "O captain my captain" in a remark of respect for there great teacher and influencer. Dead Poet's Society written in 1989 has won and been nominated in many awards (including winning an Oscar for best writing). It is wonderfully acted by Robin Williams and is a beautifully told story. It's an inspirational and extraordinary story. The main message of the text is to maintain your individual identity and follow your dreams. Mr Keating is there new English teacher helping them achieve this and teaches them to "suck the marrow out of life". The students, especially Neil Perry, are expected to go and...

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