Trapped in a Cage of My Own Makings

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Name: Razinah Deedat Date: 30 January 2013 -------------------------------------------------
Grade: 11 ED Task 2: (Essay)

Topic no. 3: Trapped in a cage of my own making.

There are times in life when we feel trapped in a cage. Sometimes this is because of the actions of others, but most times, it’s the fault of our own actions.

Because of my actions, I dug a hole for myself. It all started with a high school boy whom I had made my only priority. Instead of thriving to become a better academic student in school, I chose to fantasize over him.

As I got deeper into the relationship, I discovered that he was being a sly, deviant and manipulative imbecile. Reluctantly, I felt destructive and betrayed. These sudden changes in emotions put me in a state of lust for Armageddon to be at my door step, ready to make me forget the misery I was going through.

I was caught up with all that was happening with my besotted relationship with this person. During that time of being endured in insanity of being deceived by him, interest in my academic life at school faded drastically. I drifted away from my ambitions that I wanted to, and still want to, achieve.

It took time to overcome the person I became because my attitude had changed. I began to make decisions that were unruly. After consolidating all of my broken feelings, I decided that this was not the person that I wanted to be anymore.

My family, my friends, my entire world was trashed. People started to walk away from me because of my state of solitude; pushing and forcing people away, all this had to change.

Thriving for success, I started to push out all negative thoughts and all mixed feelings. In order to have excelled, I needed to become positive and pro-active as well as escape this so called ‘trap of my own makings’. I decided to first and foremost, learn to guard my...
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