Trapped by Materialism

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Trapped By Materialism
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MATERIALISM 2 Trapped By Materialism
Nowadays there are so many temptations around us, such as brand-name clothing, fashion jewelries, new technology and so on. It is hard to resist them, especially for children and teenagers. When children get a little bit older, they sometimes develop a yearning for those things, which make them believe that if owning these things will make them happiness. So they become more and more materialistic as we see in today’s society, they may satisfy in materials, but is materialism really good? It seems like materialism is hard to escape, and has direct influence on self-esteem and competition in children and teenagers, and in return experience negative effects. Self-esteem is important because it is determines children’s and teenagers’ values. Children should be innocence, not materialistic. However teenagers, grow up as materialistic people. Typically they think having possessions can help them get the respect and attention from other people. Self-esteem is brought influences about the children’s socializing value by our emphasis on materialism. As Skafte (1989) described in his research that for teens who have a “wealthy” image can make friends more easily (as cited in Golderg, Gorn, Peracchio & Bamoosy, 2003, p279.) For example, when I was in middle school, there was a classmate who had very few friends in our class. Almost no one wanted to play with him unless he got some cool stuff to show others. He figured he would make friends by having those items. Because of he do not have enough confidence to socialize with other classmates, he tended to use the material possessions get attention hoping to make new friends by impressing them. That may have misled him to believe the items are the only way...
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