Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Customer service Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Trap-Ease Case Study

I have not seen much evidence that Martha has done any strategic planning. Martha and Trap-Ease need to ask themselves three questions: What is their business? Who is their customer? What does their customer value? This is important for them so that they can create a customer focused company-wide strategic plan to match the company’s goals. These questions are designed to guide a company through this process so as to take advantage of a section of a market. The mission statement is how Trap-Ease defines what their business is and that guides the rest of the planning. Then they need to define who their customer is which will help decide which market segments to focus on. And by answering what their customers’ value Trap-Ease can decide on their position, how to differentiate their product and appropriate marketing mix. I believe that Trap-Ease would define their mission statement as “Never see or touch a dead mouse again.” Although this is a decent mission statement that they have placed on their packaging I feel that it might not be the best mission statement for them, as it relies on the tact that Trap-Ease has already taken that has not been particularly effective. I would like to suggest “We provide people with the opportunity to handle pest infestations in a more cost effective, safe and cleanly fashion.” This allows Trap-Ease to focus on a couple of market segments including consumers looking to maximize value and or profit as well as house wives. Customer perceived value is a very important facet of marketing it will help drive sales. Customer perceived value is the way the customer sees and evaluates the differences between the costs and benefits of the competing offers. Martha has identified good market opportunity in house wives, however there are other opportunities. For example, exterminators, and consumers concerned about more humane approaches. Trap-ease allows for a capture and release attack against pest that would appeal to...
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