Transshipment Linear Programming

Topics: Electricity, Power station, Electricity generation Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: November 23, 2010
SET A: 10897143, 10977570, 10879587, 10870342, 10873279, 10857133, 10661867, 10878440, 11090782, 10770518, 10893091

Three electric power plants with capacities of 25, 40, and 30 million KWh supply electricity to three cities. The maximum demands at the three cities are estimated at 30, 35 and 25 million KWh. The price per million KWh at the three cities is given in the table below.


During the month of August, there is a 20% increase in demand at each of the three cities, which can be met by purchasing electricity from another network at a premium rate of $1000 per million kwh. The network is not linked to city 3, however. The utility company wishes to determine the most economical plan for the distribution and purchase of additional energy.

(a) Formulate the problem
(b) Solve the problem using Excel Solver and determine an optimal distribution plan for the company.

SET B: 10979107, 10355529, 10656650, 10864830, 10479880, 10857257, 10967443, 10853278, 10893814

Three refineries with capacities of 6, 5 and 8 million gallons respectively, supply three distribution areas with daily demands of 4, 8 and 7 million gallons respectively. Gasoline is transported to the three distribution areas through a network of pipelines. The transportation cost is 10 cents per 1000 gallons per pipeline mile. The table below gives the mileage between the refineries and the distribution areas. Refinery 1 is not connected to distribution center 3. | |Distribution center | |Refinery |1 |2 |3 | |1 |120 |180 | | |2 |300...
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