Transportation Unit Lesson Plan

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May 3, 2012


This unit plan incorporates educational standards from the history/social science, physical education, and visual and performing arts content areas. The lesson surrounds a theme on transportation in which Kindergarten students will learn about the different forms of transportation in the present and in the past. The plan spans over a week and involves the children’s imaginations, physical abilities, community awareness, and requires them to work and share with their peers in order to accomplish a task. It also accesses prior knowledge of names of vehicles which the students have been learning about in the prior week. Although the content areas are distinct from each other many of the lessons are connected as they share the same concept. Student will learn how to express and explain a concept in different ways. Performance, physical fitness, posters, and using new vocabulary are all tools that students will gain from their participation in the week’s lessons. There are other academic areas briefly visited in the plan. Math and Literacy are involved; the ideas provide a great base to creating lesson plans that addresses time and the letters T for traffic and M for map. The plan is a great tool to providing students with depth of the topic.

|Monday | |Content Area: |Standard (Learner Outcomes): |Instructional Activities: | |Social Studies/ History |K.6 Students understand that history relates to | | | |events, people, and places of other times. |The class has been talking about different vehicles | | | |and identifying their names over the past week. They | | | |can use this info to participate in a discussion | | | |about travel. Ask students to think of transportation| | | |without wheels. History of flight and the car and | | | |what life was like before its invention. Game guess | | | |what the picture is. Show half of a picture on an | | | |overhead projector and have students guess the | | | |historical forms of transportation (i.e. boat, | | | |horse…) | |Visual and Performing Arts |2.1 Perform imitative movements, rhythmical |After discussing historical forms of transportation. | | |activities, and theatre games |Students will imagine themselves back in time | | | |traveling from one place to another. Using yard | | | |sticks, a gym mat, and the structures on the outdoor | | |...
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