Transportation System, Mexico vs. Us

Topics: Transport, Road, Water Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Transportation system Mexico vs. the US
It´s a shame but our transportation system may be rated as deficient and lacking in many ways. First of all US transportation system is a developed, full with pride and technologic system which in their different sectors have been supported by the government depending on the convenience of the users according to their technological advance and time line in their history. This industry in the US is concerned about improving and about offering users the most convenient services adapting to their necessities, for instance railroads are innovating offering top quality storage services, Truck fleets are reducing costs by implementing more effective transportation packages and cheaper leasing services, Ships and boats are the less advanced by the fragility and dependence on seasons and weather but nevertheless their trying to improve the cases of lost and broken merchandising which increases the interest in consumers for this service. Mexico has a lack of almost everything in our transportation system, railroads are a forgotten industry and only a small portion of them are being used for commercial terms, but the lack of infrastructure (The same railroads since 20´s) turn this option into the less convenient, only agricultural merchandises are being transported this way, water transportation is almost inexistent, air transportation is in dippers as we are no competition for foreign companies, and motor carrier which is the most common truly Mexican sector nowadays is classified as a corrupt, low standard, low quality service. Plus the insecurity in railroads, fluvial roads and highways frighten FDI. Transportation affects the public interest and thus should be treated differently from other industries and Mexico isn´t facing globalization within this industry as we would like, foreign companies had conquered this industry here.
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