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The travel and transportation can be considered and discussed without the role of the tourism but there is important role played by the transport and travel in the development of the tourism in any region of a tourist place. There is integral role and part played by the travel and transport industry in the tourism industry. The tourism has expanded in AUSTRALIA due to development and improvements of the transportation. There is need of better management of resources and this management has impact on the degradation of destination sites, ecology, tourist experiences and the economy of the region. The attraction and the economy of the ecological position of the place have been affected by the improvement in the infrastructure and the development of the transportation. On the basis of the above given importance and the role of the transportation in developing effective tourism in the AUSTRALIA especially in the historical city of Liverpool for developing tourist place I will examine the role of the transport and travel management and the effectiveness of the transport will be examined in the area regarding the tourists. The report will analyse the effectiveness of the transport management in the Liverpool in developing Liverpool as the tourist place to attract the tourists to the historic city of the Liverpool. Transportation in tourism:

According to Croall (1995, p 1) there are various reasons and factors affecting the tourism and these factors include the lack of tourism management and the mismanagement of the availability of the transport services in the given area to develop the tourism industry in the given region. He included various other factors as well which include the pollution, lack of effective communication, poor transportation and infrastructure etc. the tourism activities and the accessibility have removed barriers and has developed off-the-beaten track areas and places to the visitors and tourists through aggressive advertisements and marketing of the far paces which have attractions for tourists with availability of the transport services. The transportation is some time considered as the mean of bringing people to the tourist place and providing them accessibility to the destination place. But according to the Page and Lumsdon (2004), the effective role is played by the transport and travel in developing tourism because the satisfaction of the tourists depend upon the availability of the easy access to the places or the destinations through effective transport availability. Page and Lumsdon (2004) contend that “the transportation system of a tourist destination has an impact on the tourism experience which explains how people travel and why they choose different forms of holiday, destination, and transport. The improvement in transportation modes plus low fares has increased the accessibility of areas once considered off-the-beaten-path. Access to tourism sites varies according to the nature of the site, the state of infrastructure, and the efficiency of the public transport system”. Liverpool:

Liverpool is one of the fastest growing cities of Australia and it is being developed as the hub of the entire southwest region of Sydney. Liverpool is situated just 25 KM from the centre or heart of Sydney and it is being considered as the city of future of Australia. The History of Liverpool describe that the Liverpool’s original inhabitants were Cabrogal people and they were speaking Darug Language Liverpool, (2011). The boundary is provided by the Georges River between the wood tributes or Darug and the neighbouring “cost tributes”. The history describe that...
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