Transportation Effect to Land Use and Development

Topics: Globalization, Transport network Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: October 21, 2010
How does transport influence land use and development. Discuss and elaborate.

Transportation is a major important elements in humans life. What is transportation? How ell can we define the transportation? Transportation can best be describe as conveyence of somebody or something or in other words the act of business of carrying somebody or something from a place to another and it is usually be done using the vehicle. The tarnsportation can be the commercial or private vehicles such as cars, vans, lorry, contena or etcetera. Land use comprises two elements, the nature of land use which relates to which activities are taking place, and the level of spatial accumulation, which indicates their intensity and concentration. Central areas have a high level of spatial accumulation and corresponding land uses, such as retail, while peripheral areas have lower levels of accumulation. Most economic, social or cultural activities imply a multitude of functions, such as production, consumption and distribution. These functions take place at specific locations and are part of an activity system. Activities have a spatial imprint, therefore. Some are routine activities, because they occur regularly and are thus predictable, such as commuting and shopping. Others are institutional activities that tend to be irregular, and are shaped by lifestyle for example sports and leisure, by special needs for example, healthcare. Still others are production activities that are related to manufacturing and distribution, whose linkages may be local, regional or global. The behavioral patterns of individuals, institutions and firms have an imprint on land use. The representation of this imprint requires a typology of land use, which can be formal or functional.

Land use, both in formal and functional representations, implies a set of relationships with other land uses. For instance, commercial land use involves relationships with its supplier and customers. While relationships with...
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