Transportation and Parking Analysis on La Yan Nature Park.Doc Uploaded Successfully

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Transportation and parking analysis on La Yan Nature Park

◆ Car
It is not easy to find the way to this beach, no have sings on the street should use map to get it. Is hard for tourist to get the park . ◆ Motorcycle
Near beach have a long distance small road, it is easy for motorcycle. ◆ Bus
Road is not good for bus.

-For transportation:
Beach's location is remote, and on the road did not have big sign. So it is hard to find this beach for tourists, and near the beach the road is very narrow, if you drive a car or a small passenger cars, is not conducive to look for to the beach. The sign of the beach is very small, it's hard to find, if not carefully note will miss it. For cars and minivans, is very difficult to find. But for motorcycle, far from commercial center, need long time to reach the beach.

-Good way for insufficient transportation:
◆ Less people bring less pollution
Because of the traffic inconvenience resulting in a decline in visitors, however, is good for beach protection. If tourists become more, the more pollution hazard, visitors seldom, less pollution hazard

-Risk for insufficient transportation:
◆ Tourism development will insufficient
They are many located people in the beach and nature park, because this place is not easy to be found. Tourists will choose well-known beaches and the beach which more easy to found. Tourists become less and income will be less

-Solution for insufficient transportation:
◆ More promotion
Increased publicity scope, improve the beach profile, attract more tourists ◆ Increase the road signs
More and bigger side on the road, let the beach it is easy to be found. Visitors can easily reach the beach drive a car.



◆ No parking lot.
In the natural park and no parking lots and parking area. ◆ Without a parking sign
Park area and nearby area are no stop signs, there is no standard parking...
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