Transport: Train Station and Passengers

Topics: Train station, Bus stop, Rapid transit Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: April 12, 2013
The Problems of Using Public Transport
The public transportation system in Malaysia is well-developed. Train, bus, light rail transit are public transport that used by a lots of people. Public transport brings advantages to the public. It provides accessible transport for the people who need it. Besides, it helps in reducing the air pollution too. Although public transport us benefits but there is some problem in public transportation. The main problems are unpunctuality of the public transport, the public transport itself and the poor service.

Firstly, the public transport is unpunctual. The passengers have to follow the schedule of the transport but sometimes the public transport is not following the schedule of the transport. They reach earlier or late compare to the schedule. The public transport frequently delays because of mechanical failure or traffic congestion. There the passengers have to wait for hours for the public transport. Other than that, some public transport didn’t follow the schedule and reach the bus station earlier and leave before the fixed time. This causes some of the passengers missed the public transport and have to wait for next public transport arrives. The unpunctuality of the public transport causes the passengers cannot plan travel, meetings and appointments.

Secondly, the public transport itself also is one of the problems of using public transport. Public transport has poor conditions. The public transport overloaded. This condition can be seen during festival eve. Lots of people will go back to their hometown by public transport. When the public transport is too crowded rob may happens. Next, ventilation of the public transport is poor. The air-conditioning breakdown makes the passengers feel hot and uncomfortable. The hygiene in the public transport is poor too. There are lots of rubbish on the floor of the public transport especially in bus. The passengers throw the rubbish randomly and make the public transport dirty....
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