Transport Protein on Strike

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Transport Protein on Strike

By | June 2013
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1. What is the meaning behind the PHOSPHOLIPIDS’ chant?
The meaning behind the PHOSPHOLIPIDS’ chant is has to do with their ability to selectively permeable capabilities. This refers to the phospholipid ability carefully choose which molecules to transport across the Plasma Membrane, therefore not allow others to pass. 2. Why is H2O concerned about the aquaporin’s shutting down? H2O is concerned about the aquaporin’s shutting down because they are required to carry by diffusion through the lipid bilayer and through water channels. Living beings are mostly reliant on water to survive, water is not readily accessible to all parts of the body; water may have trouble moving through membranes to dissipate nutrients needed for life's processes. Aquaporin’s that help water pass through cell membranes and help organisms carry out life's processes. What are aquaporin’s and how are they involved in plasma membrane transport? Aquaporin’s are cell membranes that come equipped with proteins membrane channels in cell walls and allow for water movement between a cell and its surroundings. In addition to the use of aquaporin’s, what is another way H2O can cross the plasma membrane? H2O can cross the plasma membrane by diffusion through the lipid bilayer. Is this second way sufficient? The diffusion method is not is not sufficient. Explain your answer.

3. Both GLUCOSE and AMINO ACID claim to have a special relationship with their respective transport proteins. What is the basis for their claims? The basis for their claims are that both GLUCOSE and AMINO ACID get in and out of the cell by diffusion. These transport proteins are uniquely recognized which allows them to cross the plasma membrane. 4. Could O2 and CO2 make the same claim as GLUCOSE and AMINO ACID? Why or why not? O2 and CO2 cannot make the same claim as GLUCOSE and AMINO ACID, as these small compounds enter or leave the cell only through diffusion. 5. The movement of oxygen and carbon dioxide into and...

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