Transport and Strong Smelling Food

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Transport
There are many disadvantages to public transport depending on a number of factors. For example buses and trains all depend around timetables and so they can leave and arrive at times that are not the most suitable for people. Constantly having to pay for your travel fare if you’re over the age of 16. Public transport usually gets over crowded and makes it difficult for old or pregnant passengers as some won’t be given a seat and have to stand for the rest of their journey. Public transport drivers can be harsh and miserable which makes your travelling awkward and agitated. Public transport may also not be the quickest as it is a social service it often takes the long way around an area to try and include as many people as possible in one trip, this will mean trips take longer than they would if you were to travel by private means.

Public transport is not very private as you have to share the service with others; some people might feel it is not as private and nice as other options of transport. You do not get the privacy that your are entitled to. Public transportation can also be a little run down and dirty as it is used by many other people to. You will also have to share seats with complete strangers who may have strong smelling food not to your taste or disturbingly loud earphones. Some passengers put their feet up on the opposite seat and later people like you and me have to sit on it.

There are many disadvantages to public service; however there are also many advantages. Advantages
The advantages of transport would be that transport gets you were you want to go with out any problems (most of the time). Trains for instance are very speedy and don’t waste time getting you from where you got on from to your destination. You can hire private transport e.g. a taxi where no one else shares your journey with you, but that would expensive. Road transport allows children to travel to school...
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