Transport and Mere Sojourners

Topics: Transport, Color, Causality Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: March 15, 2012
We are mere sojourners

This earth is our not permanent home
That,we ought to understand
For we are mere sojourners here
On our way to the promise land.

Everything we have is borrowed
We do not own anything at all
Our strength? our life?
Yes.even our soul.

We owe them to the father
Who made things,great and small
Earth,sunshine and raindrops
Causing leaves to sprougt and fall.

For out out of darkness he took us
His wondrous wisdom opened our eyes
Setting us free from the bondage of sin
Made us see the truth abhor the lies.

Now as we go on toward perfection
Marching our way to spiritual maturity;
With humble and contrite heart
Let us bow our head to the almighty.
By Definition:
A car is a thing that we used for transportation
By illustration:
There many brands of a car like Toyota, Innova, Isuzu, ford, Honda and many more. By Description:
Nowadays car can come in different colors too.There are those that colored black, gray cream or sometime they can multi-colored. By Cause and Effect:
Almost all people I know,wants to have their own car.But of course, not everybody can have what she/he wishes for.One of the most reasons why a person cannot own a car is financial constrait.So what happen when a family does not have a car of its own? The most obvious effect is you need to pay everyday when you want to go anywhere. By Citing Advantage and Disadvantage:

Owning a car has obvious advantage but did you know that it can have disadvantage too? First you need to register a car every year ,Second you have to check if there are leacks or peeled of the paint. By Historical Allusions:

About 300 years ago car was not invented.Ancient Filipinos used horse back in transporting. By Storytelling:
When I was 10 years old I remember that we don’t have not yet a car so my auntie prefer to buy a car (starex) for our family and relative used.
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