Transnational Gangs

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March 28, 2012
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Transnational Gangs
Organized crime is not bound by national borders or vast oceans. Worldwide, groups of criminals bind together and terrorize each other and the people of their nations. Though many countries worldwide struggle with organized crime independently, organized crime is an international dilemma. The people of these states often see organized crime cross over from one country to the next, plaguing nations. Organized crime grows rapidly, it is like a virus or societal infection.

One of the deadliest groups of transnational organized crime in existence today is Mara Salvatrucha, better known as the MS-13. The MS-13 is said to be the deadliest gang in the world. It all began in the 1980’s in Los Angeles, California. Salvadorans were entering the United States to flee the civil war. Upon reaching Los Angeles, they were harassed by the local Mexican gangs. Their only remedy was to band together as one for their defense. In the last twenty plus years, the MS-13 has grown tremendously. They operate in at least forty-two of the fifty U.S. states with at least 3,000 members residing in our very own Northern Virginia. Though this band of organized criminals is U.S. based, it is not exclusive to U.S. anymore. (The History Channel website) The heinous crimes committed by MS-13 gang members caused many of them to be incarcerated. Their lack of legal immigrant status in the U.S. subsequently caused their deportations. In the early 1990’s, Immigration and Naturalization Services (“INS”) was formed and deported over 1,000 MS-13 gang members to El. Salvador. (Gangs OR Us Website) The deportations of these dangerous criminals did not fix the problem, it merely spread it. Today in Latin America, MS-13 members are in almost every Central American country. They are ubiquitous in Honduras and El Salvador causing extreme levels of violence in our country and theirs’.

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