Transmission (mechanics), Vehicle, Horsepower

Justin Thompson


Cars are well built machines that have many unique parts to them. With out a particular part the car would not be able to do certain functions. Some parts have more of an impact to the car than others. For example if your car does not have a brake line or brake fluid you will not be able to stop your car. If you have a bad alternator you might not be able to start your car. the alternators job is to turn mechanical current into electrical current meaning it powers up your vehicle and anything that uses electrical power to run.

There are many cars out there in the world. They all are different from each other. Some Are for luxury and some are for racing. Many cars are 4 cylinders but their are also cars that are 6 cylinder . Their are even ones that are 12 cylinder. This means their are many different speeds, amount of torque and amount of horse power in every car. Since their are different speeds there have to be different gears and some times even the amount of gears. The Transmission is what allows the car to go slower and faster. With out a transmission your car will not be moving anywhere. The transmission is different systems that work together to provide power to the drive wheels. For a car to run its best it needs a certain amount of RPM range. The transmissions job is to make sure the wheels have the power it needs while maintaing a good RPM while with in the range.

A Transmission does its job through gear combinations. In first gear the engine is spinning faster than if the car were to be in third gear. You will be able to do 70 miles and hour in third gear but you will not be able to do that in first gear because the RPM is to high. A transmission does not just allow the car a option to go forward it also allows it to go in reverse and in neutral which it disengages the engine from the drive wheels and their is also park. It is very important to have a transmission and one that is working the right way or you...
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