Transmedia and Its 7 Principles {Jenkins}

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  • Published : March 25, 2012
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Story telling advertising is the relationship among relevant stories told to meticulous brands or campaigns in advertising. Since story telling have been a resemblance feature to humans since the stone ages “Stone Carving “ , it is now used in advertising to deliver a coinciding parallel that would engage and interact the audience with the advertised brand. It uses unique contents that allow a supplement of emotional acceptance and intellectual thinking to the viewers. Australia’s mining story telling advertisement is a mere example of this criteria.

Australia’s mining advertising campaign is a well structured Transmedia which delivered a message through multiple podiums using multiple layers of its principles. It used different cultural backgrounds and occupational platforms to engage with its audiences. Throughout its message, it explored how important the mining industry is for Australia’s export income and its community. This message was delivered using these seven principles, Spreadability vs. Drillability, Continuity vs. Multiplicity, Immersion vs. Extraction, World Building, Seriality, Subjectivity and Performance.

” Spreadability refers to a process of dispersal - to scanning across the media landscape in search of meaningful bits of data. Drillability refers to the ability to dig deeper into something which interests us. “{Jenkins, 2010} Australia mining used data allocation through community and extracted the story data of Dr. Bruce Chater who was involved in the Queensland flood in 2010. Through this origin, Australia mining excavated deeper to assist the story telling by including the urgent aid provided by the nearby Anglo American coal mining company showing mining is not always about mining. Continuity is the sequential presence of a particular existence however with a different story line. It was observed when female employee’s were introduced more than once to notify the toil job a female employee can perform in a most commonly masculine...
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