Translocation of over-Breeding Species

Topics: Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Kangaroo, Biotic component Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Translocation is the method to alleviate the over-breeding problem of animal besides killing them. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) broadly defines translocation as ‘‘the deliberate and mediated movement of wild individuals from one part of their range to another” (e.g. IUCN, 1987).Translocation includes Capture and handling, captivity or some form of prolonged restraint, transport, release into an unfamiliar location four processes. Despite its wide use and importance, translocation traditionally has a low rate of success due to the effect of chronic stress. But Tufts University has done the measure on translocation and found out the solutions (Biological Conservation Molly J. Dickens 2010). Administering anesthesia or tranquilizing during capture, reduce the risk of the animal perceive handling and transport. Normally, Health assays, veterinary visits, or other forms of observation and intervention are conducted during captivity, decrease the total number of visits, thus decreasing added exposure to handling stress. Specific aspects of transport such as vehicle design, stacking density, ventilation, and even the quality of the road and the standard of driving should be measured before translocation. Finally, the use of a ‘‘soft-release” strategy, in which animals adjust to the area in a special designed cage before being released, may decrease novelty of the release site since animals will have time to adjust to their new surroundings without additional stress of finding resources or facing predation. This research makes translocation be a feasible method nowadays.

There are two types of strategy in translocation. Introduce to a place with similar biotic and abiotic factors but the population of over-breeding species should be small. For the advantage, animals easily adapt the new condition. But the animals still have a high breeding rate, the over-breeding problem will threaten the ecosystem again after a long period. Another...
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