Topics: Politics, Reality, Plato Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: April 10, 2013
It's not enough to repeat saying that democracy is parties and AYT is no democracy .parties, but we should say that it's not possible live BBC about real democracy lockup because the existence of political competition between the parties.  ----------------------------------------------

But the real democratic begin with the existence of democratic autonomous with parties itself because democracy is in the basis to build a political address requirements specifications, the most important of the citizen's freedom those demands sp eak in the expression of his opinion if this freedom is absent this right remains precarious within party construction how can bet on the ability of these parties on the commitment to democracy if reached power ? . If we say - to say it is true - that current stage Egypt is undergoing a historic shift in the March democratic life, it is necessary to hold parties - self-initiative from inside - shifts and changes that fit with the new reality on the surface of Egyptian policy . That any talk of democracy and the dream in the circulation of the Authority and all the demands and aspirations that vocalize the parties could not find that ECHO efficiently and lucratively in the public opinion unless accompanied by clear signals Confirm the occurrence of a change in the philosophy of internal construction parties since confirms that they are qualified to start with themselves in the application of democracy within the democratic addresses so that addresses become tangible to people, and not just partisan formations frameworks on paper or a few seats in the parliament or group newspapers start screaming howls only ! If most of the Parties to justify why the reluctance of people to enter the parties there are restrictions taboos attributed to the majority party, that - even if it was true, only a limited aspect of the reasons for the reluctance, due to many causes, the most important negative climate which has accompanied years absence of...
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