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From: Richard Abdul Rahman
Hello Muhammad,
I hope this letter meets you well. I am Richard Abdul Rahman Sule , younger brother to Peter Abdul Rahaman Sule, the leader of the key opposition group United Democratic Forum, has been under arrest since November 3, 2011 over allegations linking him to the formation of a new rebel group fighting against the government. I am a Christian native of the newly independent state of South Sudan and I am in urgent need of your help. Due to the current spate of insecurity in my country and according to the CIA facts file of 2010 where CIA issued a warning that "over the next five years,...a new mass killing or genocide is most likely to occur in southern Sudan, my brother in prison for trumped up allegations , we have lost hope in the complete democratization of our beloved country South Sudan and the autonomy granted to our state by the United Nations and this has necessitated the need to secure our own future and that of our kids by moving to the west . To this end we have managed to get out of our state bank party funds an over invoiced development contract funds valued at Fifty Million united states Dollars transferred to a bank outside South Sudan which we need your help to claim since our agreement with the bank states that we cannot come near these funds or claim openly to avoid the bank being cited for transfer and flight of capital. For your help, we are prepared to give a sizable percentage of the funds to you and balance invested in your economy in a suitable investment endeavor with your guidance until we are prepared to come forward to receive. Please note that this is to be taken in strict secrecy to avoid the funds being repatriated and handed back to the corrupt government of my state as this is our only hope to eventually lead a normal life after years of wars and problems we have faced as a result of seeking autonomy from the Republic Of Sudan. Thank you

Richard Abdul Rahman Sule
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