Going through transitions is never easy. I never graduated from High School. I left my high school when I was a sophomore and went to an Independent Studies school. I was doing well, but I kept failing history. I tried my hardest to understand it and pass, but, they kicked me out my senior year. So I just gave up.

One day I figured I’d go get my GED. That’s a start, right? I got my results back on my 21st birthday, I failed. It really got me down and not wanting to try anymore. My mom was really proud of me for even trying. She was my biggest motivation; I didn’t want to disappoint her again. I tried one more time, and I passed! I was really happy with myself and so thankful for my mom for supporting me.

But, what can you do with a GED? I tried for many years to get a job. I never even got an interview. Companies didn’t care about a High School Diploma, let alone a GED. They wanted you to be educated with a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. I thought about going back to school, but I wasn’t motivated then, what would have changed now?

I had got into a new relationship with a guy that was going to college. He told me about how he started right out of high school. He hated it. I would go with him to school, and walk around while he was in class. I didn’t like the feel of it. I knew it wasn’t for me.

Continuing to look for a job wasn’t going very well. My mom and my boyfriend, Jeff, were very adamant about me going back to school. So, I looked into his college because that’s where Jeff was going. I always wanted to be a Veterinarian, so I thought, why not? But, I knew I had to get serious and motivated. How was I going to change though?

Having the support of my family definitely helped me get motivated. My mom helped with the finances and Jeff let me be a student and not have to look for a job anymore. I knew it was going to be hard at first, transitioning from doing nothing to a full time student, however, I knew I had to do it, I had to...
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