Transitional Housing

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CS: members of the media, this afternoon I the Mr. Li Xiuheng the invitation to take a look at this industrial building in Kwai Chung.

It will be recalled that in the last week, the Chief Executive announced ten measures on housing supply, one of the HA Chai Wan industrial buildings converted to public housing units. In addition, a measure is summed up HA changed after the work experience of buildings into residential units, will also be under the premise of the policy in the revitalization of industrial buildings, to see if there is no way to wipe out existing Town Planning and Building Ordinance "under some of the barriers, some privately owned industrial buildings to residential use.

Mr. Lee over the years are very concerned about the development of these social, because I work Ha revitalized, so communication with the owner of many industrial buildings, Mr. Lee would also like to take a look at me today to, in fact, if government policies are in place, they had wanted to converted into a hotel project, can be converted to residential use.

We looked at earlier he already obtained approval of the building plans, in fact, can all be changed into small dwellings, if a room is twenty-eight to thirty square meters, is a small unit in the future are to go to three hundred square feet. For our current housing supply is quite beneficial.

Because we all know that, as a member of the preparatory group of the Commission on Poverty, in the past month to visit a lot of friends currently living in some of the board room,  room, also see their living conditions, I (Preparatory Commission on Poverty discussion of the group), some scholars, experts, they all feel the course, the construction of public housing is good, However, the construction of public housing need, you also often said, we come up with a lot of you say this is a "distant water "distant water may not be able to immediately increase the supply. If you have a ready-made buildings, government policies able to cope with that modification is often a relatively fast program.

So today I personally come, I will also co-ordinate the relevant departments to work hard to do in the policy in place. Basically work and less complicated, because these buildings is a wholesale conversion has solved the issue of fire safety has been resolved the  students also solve the problem of the structure of the building, or, Mr. Lee will not obtain approval from the Town Planning Board approved the buildings approved to do his hotel.

Why today he only thought of doing the hotel, did not expect to do residential? This is because some obstacles in the Town Planning Ordinance, Hong Kong, about fourteen hundred of these industrial buildings, more than 700 buildings are located about commerce lot English Other Use Business, commerce lot the only kind of live human, the hotel belongs to the second column of the lot, going to TPB application can be changed into a hotel, in addition to other residential, that is converted into dormitories also not converted into small flats unavailable.

So if we were able to get the consent of the Town Planning Board, under certain circumstances is suitable, approved by the TPB can be added in the second column of a new use, for example, is called a "transitional housing" English idea may be transitional accommodation, because the modified these buildings are not life for human habitation, I believe Mr. Lee hope that after a period of time, because it is their age have been three or four years, for example, too much more than a decade the general resident may be the entire building demolished, redeveloped into a commercial building, or to change a residential area, it can be converted into a number of three-bedroom units.

"Transitional housing" if the second column of the to join TPB commerce lot, you can give the owners of industrial buildings for conversion of such small "transitional housing" units.

In the conversion process, whether it can...
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