Transition to Highschool Essay

Topics: High school, Education, Self-sufficiency Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Every human will have to confront change many times in throughout life. Sometimes these changes are big like moving to a new home. Sometimes they are small like getting a permanent tattoo. One of the bigger changes that lots of people will have to face is the transition from elementary school to high school. Some students make this transition successfully, but some of them have difficulty. If a student has common sense, is self sufficient and is intelligent then the student will be able to make the transition to high school very successfully.

First of all, a trait that will help a student with this transition is common sense. With common sense a student will recognize practical strategies to succeed. For example, If the student maintains a high if not perfect attendance it is proven that in most cases the student will do better academically than a student that attends approximately three or four classes a week. Also, the student will be able to hand assignments in on time avoiding the late penalties and earning respect from their teachers because of their efforts. In the end every student gets a grade one way or another and that grade depends on how much effort he or she is willing to give. Just like I said, if the students attendance is high and all assignments are completed and handed in on time that grade will be a great accomplishment proving common sense a quality that helps with the transition to high school.

Secondly, a trait that will greatly help a student with the transition to high school is being self sufficient. Self sufficient students don’t need to rely on others for help. For example, if a teacher just gave the class an assignment and a student wasn’t paying attention then that student is out of luck because the teacher won’t want to repeat himself and other students may not be helpful. This could result in missed or incomplete assignments. However, a student who takes responsibility for his or her work will pay attention the first time. Also,...
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