Transit Point

Topics: Transport, Warehouse, Inventory Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: November 11, 2008
Should Merloni replace its network of regional warehouses with Transit-points?

In order to be able to answer to this question, we first have to calculate the costs of operating, inventory and transportation from both alternatives (the current system and the transit point) and then compare them.

However, as the case doesn’t have complete information to compute these costs, we have to do some assumptions.
First, we have to separate the 17 regions in two groups: the Urban regions and the Rural ones. To former this groups we used the criteria of the average daily demand. So, if the region has a daily demand bigger than the average of the 17 regions (99,21= 1686,6/17), it will be included in the Urban regions. Otherwise, it will incorporate the Rural group. After doing this, we will assume that the operating, inventory and Short-Haul Transportation Costs per piece and per month will be the same for each group and will be equal to the ones of the exhibit 10 of the case.

Second, in order to calculate the transportation costs between the central warehouse and the retailers, we have to assume that the transit point will be near the location of the Region Warehouses. If so, the costs of transportation until the Transit point will be the same of the long-haul transportation and the costs between the transit point and the retailers would be the same of the Short-Haul transportation Costs.

We also have to determine the distances between Fabriano and the Regional Warehouses. In order to do this, we use the map of the exhibit 7 from the case. We know that this distances can not be exactly the real ones (because the roads are not in a straight line), but as we don’t have more information about this on the case, we decide to use the map.

Analyzing the exhibits 1, 2 and 3 and assuming that the goal of Merloni is just maximize his value (minimizing its costs) we conclude that there is not only one good system. So, Merloni should use a combination of the two...
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