Transit Choices Based on Urban Settings and Environment in Calgary and New York

Topics: Rapid transit, Public transport, Bus Pages: 7 (2441 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Characteristics of Calgary and New York
that affect the use of public transit by its residents

Transport in an urban setting is an integral sector that determines both individual and policy decisions. In my research, I will compare how people make transport decisions in the city of Calgary and New York. In any urban setting, the physical structure and the environment are important factors that determine travel behavior. Calgary

Calgary is one of the largest cities in province of Alberta in Canada and due to its petroleum industry Calgary is also one of the fastest growing cities in North America. The City of Calgary has a large transport network comprising means such as road, rail, air, public transit and pedestrian infrastructure. Calgary’s primary public transport system is operated by the Calgary transit - a city owned organization that runs buses, shuttles and C-Trains. Several characteristics that exist within the city have effect on the resident’s decisions in the use public transit instead of their personal cars. (Books, 108). New York City

New York is the most populous city in the United States and is often referred to as the cultural capital in the world. In addition, it is one of the most powerful cities in the world and plays a significant role in commerce, fashion, research, technology, media and education. New York City houses a mass transit system that runs 24 hours a day thus making it the most complex and extensive in North America. The most distinguishing factor about New York is the massive use of public transit by residents with over 54 percent taking advantage of these services (Cynthia, Hongmian and Robert 54). Similarities between Calgary and New York City Although in two different geographical locations, New York and Calgary share common characteristics of having an impressive infrastructure in terms of public transit. Calgary transit provides an efficient mode of transport throughout the city by use of buses, C-Trains and shuttles. Although most people in Calgary use personal cars, this is slowly changing as they realize the efficiency behind the C-Trains which operate two lines heading north and south of the downtown and currently is being even more expanded. The C-train system is also supported by the bus system which has about 160 routes. (Pucher 50). Quite similar, New York public transit is a presentation of reliability and convenience. New York City’s mass public transit falls in the category of buses and subways. This makes travelling within the city to be convenient and pocket friendly especially after the implementation of the MetroCard system. The MetroCard is a thin card plastic card on which customer electronically loads fares and thus it eliminates the burden of carrying tokens. This system has greatly influenced the use of public transit among New Yorkers making it the most common mode of transport within the city. The other common characteristic between the two cities is their economic value .The growth of a city is always reciprocated by its ability to sustain its citizens through economic growth. Calgary has been growing at a very high rate and this has resulted to it becoming a dominant business center in Canada. A rapid increase in population has resulted to fast pace development in all parts of the city which resulted in a high demand for transport infrastructure improvements and more efficient public transit system overall. The rapid population growth has also sufficiently influenced the use of public transit by local residents because it makes it easier and sometimes faster to access their work, school or other destinations. The increased levels of use of public transport can also be explained by the reason that many city residents want to avoid the congestion of the roads, especially during peak hours. (Bloom 87). New York City also plays an integral part in the business to not only...
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