Transgender and Gender Identity

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  • Published : October 16, 2010
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Gender Identity and Transgender

Questions From Class
(If you haven’t answered these questions, do so before watching your video.) oWhat is your opinion regarding gender identity? What do you feel about a boy whose favorite color is pink or a girl who plays with superheroes? oDo you believe it is possible for someone to feel trapped in the wrong genders body?

oGo to YouTube and watch ‘20/20 “My Secret Self”’ (there are 5 parts) oNow: has your opinion regarding gender and gender identity changed from what you wrote in your original ‘Gender Identity’ assignment in class (if you weren’t in class, has anything changed for you, now that you have seen the video)?

Essay Format
odouble-spaced, 1-inch margins
odo NOT put your name on your essay – print your name on the back of your essay – in pencil oeach paragraph should contain at least 5-7 full, spell/grammar-checked sentences odo not use any quotes – only use your own words

o12-pt font; Arial or Times New Roman font only

Essay Content
oParagraph 1: what was your opinion regarding gender and gender identity before watching the video (you can use your ‘questions for class’ section to help you answer) oParagraph 2: now that you have seen the video, what is your opinion regarding gender identity? Did the video add to your knowledge regarding gender or being transgender? If yes, how so? Please tie in the children from the video while responding to these questions. oParagraph 3: what do you think now? re-read about gender identity, gender stability, and gender constancy in your notes/textbook – tie these in to your answer

How to submit your essay:
oYour essay will only be accepted, in class, on 10/18 (test day)
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