Transformers Arechetypes

Topics: Character, Plato, Shia LaBeouf Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Transformers Archetypes
Archetypes in the movie Transformers contrast and differ from each other in many ways. The archetypes range from; The Hero, to the Devil Figure, to many others found in the usual Battle between good and evil Situational Archetypes. Another situational archetype is The Journey, which is also used in this movie. These two Situational Archetypes are big key points in discovering what each individual character goes through within the movie.

One of the major Archetypes used in this movie is ‘The Journey”, which is when Sam, (Shia LaBeouf), goes on a quest to try and find what the Auto bots are in search of for their old planet. At first they have to believe that him being a human and not their kind, that they can actually trust him with searching for their All Spark which is their command center for their planet to actually hold life. He shows that he is responsible and wanting to actually help with the situation. The Auto Bots do let him help, but also with the help of the U.S. Army in the situation. They as well are trying to help the good guys with their situation.

“Mentor” is another and “Initiate” for Sam because he is pretty much taking training from Optimus Prime. Optimus is the big mentor/leader in this situation because he knows everything about the planet, and all there is you could think of. He leads Sam through everything, and tells him specific things that he can do to help. It’s not so much training Sam, but leading the problem by getting him to do what he is told. He is a major help because of everything that he knows about their planet.

A small archetype used in the movie also is the “Temptress”, which in this case is Mikaela, which whom Sam is very attracted too since the first day he has seen her. She’s a help in the situation, but sometimes a very big distraction, to all of the characters in the movie, even some of the auto bots. Sam is completely attracted to her, and gets so nervous when she is around. Although...
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