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A world in transformation 6 Power below the waves 33 Transforming industry 45 Sustainable and available 64


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Special Report Transformers

Transformers are essential pieces of electrical equipment that help to transmit and distribute electricity efficiently and reliably. They also help maintain power quality and control, and facilitate electrical networks. ABB is a global leader in transformer technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their energy efficiency while lowering environmental impact. Our key technologies include small, medium and large power transformers, as well as traction and other special-purpose units and components. In this special report of ABB Review, we present some of the latest developments and innovations from our wide range of transformers and components, which can be found across the entire power value chain and are critical components of the grid.


ABB review special report


Transformers in transformation Transformer applications


A world in transformation ABB is the world’s largest transformer manufacturer and service provider A legacy of transformation ABB is a leader in voltage and power breakthroughs



UHVDC Meeting the needs of the most demanding power transmission applications Responding to a changing world ABB launches new dry-type transformer products The quiet life ABB’s ultralow-noise power transformers Power below the waves Transformers at depths of 3 km Shrinking the core Power electronic transformers break new ground in transformation and transportation Balance of power Variable shunt reactors for network stability control Workhorses of industry Industrial transformers in a DC environment







Trends in transformation


Smart transformer Transformers will have to do a lot more than just convert voltages Composing with components Innovative and high quality transformer components and services for diverse needs Sustainable and available Enhancing performance and reducing environmental impact of existing transformer fleets Green-R-Trafo™ Safety makes a green transformation Changing trends New technologies for the evolving grid








Transformer pioneers

Bernhard Jucker Head of Power Products division

Dear Reader, The commercial application history of transformers dates back to the end of the nineteenth century. The world’s first full AC power system, built by William Stanley, was demonstrated using step-up and step-down transformers in 1886. The transformer played a critical role in the outcome of the so-called war of currents, tilting the balance in favor of Tesla’s AC vision. ABB (then ASEA) delivered one of the world’s first transformers in 1893, integrating it with the first commercial threephase AC power transmission link – another of the company’s innovations – connecting a hydropower plant with a large iron-ore mine in Sweden. Today, with a presence in over 100 countries, more than 50 transformer factories and 30 service centers, ABB is the world’s largest transformer manufacturer and service provider with an unparalleled global installed base and a vast array of power, distribution and special application transformers. These transformers can be found wherever electricity is generated, transported and consumed – in power plants and substations, industrial complexes, skyscrapers and shopping malls, ships and oil platforms, locomotives and railway lines, wind parks, solar fields and water treatment plants.

the world. This will enable up to 10,000 MW of power (the capacity of 10 large power plants) to be transmitted efficiently over distances as long as 3,000 km. Earlier this year ABB also introduced a PETT – a revolutionary traction transformer that uses power electronics to reduce its size and weight while increasing the energy efficiency of the train and reducing...
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