Transformative Encounters

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Geshana Nadesan
Student No:
PYC 3705
Transformative Encounters
Assignment 02


Geshana Nadesan
Student No:
PYC 3705
Transformative Encounters
Assignment 02
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1)Introduction
I chose to conduct my interview with the non profit organisation “Focus on the Family”. As an employee and also having conducted my first assignment at Focus on the Family, I had already developed a good working relationship with Elaine Venton, our professional counsellor. This time however, I invited Elaine Venton, to my recording studio to participate in our interview. It has always been my goal to make my studio conducive to counselling especially because many of the people I interview are survivors of trauma.

2.1Planning the Interview
The planning phase and preparation for this interview took more time than I initially allocated for it. I chose to conduct the interview with Elaine in my recording. My reason for this is twofold: a)Transcribing becomes easy once recorded and

b)I want my studio to have a warm, safe environment that’s conducive to counselling especially when I conduct interviews with trauma survivors. 2.2 Interview Schedule
2.2.1Checking in:I emailed Elaine Venton and make an appointment to interview her (see annexure A). Later, I phoned her about my idea of conducting the interview in the studio opposed to the counselling centre. 2.2.2We discuss the time frame required for our interview and I gave her an idea of what my assignment requirements. 2.2.3These are some of the questions I had in mind:

-what made you pursue a career in counselling?
-elaborate on the different fields of Psychology that one can specialize in? -Tell me more about your field of specialization.
-Clients with problems that fall outside our scope of practice, must provide a challenge for us, how do you deal with that scenario. -How do you cope with the stress of counselling in your personal capacity?

2.3Transcript of Interview
Tuesday: 03 April 2012 Time: 09.30 am
Counsellor:Elaine Venton
Interviewer:Geshana Nadesan

Elaine arrived punctually with a cup of coffee in her hand. I normally don’t allow food and drinks in the studio but today, I was going to make an exception. I welcomed Elaine and introduced her to my studio engineer. While engaging in ‘small talk’ about the sudden change in the weather, I ushered her into the recording booth that now resembled a cosy counselling room. Elaine explained that she had a client booked at 10 a.m. and that her assistant will come through to call her when the client arrived. I assured Elaine that the interview would not take more than 10 minutes of her time.

I was just grateful to even get this appointment with Elaine as my previous ones were postponed due to Elaine’s hectic schedule. We settled into the chairs and I began the interview:

Gesh:Elaine- thank you for accommodating me and fitting me into your tight schedule (tone of sincerity) Elaine:(begins to laugh)
Gesh:(a little surprised at her response, I laughed also, keeping the warm, friendly atmosphere) I’ve been trying to get this appointment for a long time .. Elaine:I know (still smiling and relaxed into the chair while sipping her coffee). Gesh:but I’m so grateful to you for blocking out some time for me. Elaine:aahh, you know I’m really sorry that I couldn’t see you earlier. Things just get so busy. Anyway, we’re here now and I really hope you get enough time to finish your assignment. Gesh:Oh yes – thanks, I’m sure I will ...

Elaine:(Sipping her coffee) so what’s on your mind?
Gesh:Well there are few questions about the practice of psychology and counselling which I need clarity on, so I thought this, 2nd Assignment in Transformative Encounters is a perfect opportunity for me to ask these questions....
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