Transformationl Change

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Jack Mezirow's theory on the transformational learning process is discussed in chapter five, Learning Online and Lifelong Goals, (Alexander, Clugston, and Trice) (2009).  Mezirow suggest adult learning is cyclical Mezirow believes the adult learning sequence occurs in four stages, starting with recognizing a personal problem, confronting the problem, finding a solution, then to incorporate a new perspective.  The first stage is recognizing a major problem this could be job loss, a death in the family it is crucial to want change and learn from this experience. Next, confronting the trouble this step can be painful and stressful there might be feelings of guilt, shame, denial, or embarrassment this takes a lot of self - reflection.  Once over this hurdle critically looking for solutions, forming a plan and acting calmly and rationally is a step towards transformation.  Lastly, is applying this new insight to life and move forward. To sum it up, the transformational process is a series of rational problem solving skills that is dependent on critical self-reflection. I experienced transformational change last year I lost my job and my dad passed away.  I realized I was not where I wanted to be in life grief, depression, and a negative outlook on was overshadowing my ability to move forward. To overcome and transform negative beliefs I acknowledged and accepted them for what they were.  I had to ask myself some tough questions am I ready for change?  Am I ready to move forward?  My next step to find solutions, and come up with a concrete plan of action this consisted of writing down goals short and long term.  The first goal, broken up into mini-goals was to continue my education making myself more valuable in the job market.  Lastly, I have implemented a new a new outlook I am truly ready to learn and take my experiences and apply them to life for these reasons I'm in the reintegration process.    The reintegration phase is the last phase in Jack...
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