Transformational Learning

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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I believe that transformational learning process when everyone in the world goes through it in their life. When that time in your life comes up if you are on the right path or no sometimes you are on the right career path or not some adult change their career path that’s is using their transformational learning. A transformational learning experience from my life is when my mother told me and my sibling that we was moving to myrtle beach south Carolina it took us nine hundred thirty eight miles away from our family. I was so heart broken when my mother told me that the process of us moving was overwhelming and so painful, my mother didn’t know how to tell our family that we was moving so far away. This moving process was so stressful for me and my siblings, but also exciting that we was moving to a new state and not knowing anyone or how to get around to places without getting are self lost. My mother knew our family members would be so sad because we Was moving so far away. My mother had to make sure the moving process went well before we moved to Myrtle Beach. One of the Mezirow’s seven phases that applies to my experiences would be recognizing that others have gone through a similar process. I researched that everyday people move to better their self and to better their kids in their education or better their career. My mother move to Myrtle Beach South Carolina so that me and my sibling can further are career and are goals.
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