Transformational Leadership Theory for Radio Frequency Distribution and Control System (Rfdacs Depot) Operations Management

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Transformational Leadership Theory for Radio Frequency Distribution and Control System (RFDACS DEPOT) Operations Management

MGT 380: Leadership for Organizations
Instructor Audrey Dorsey
June 25, 2012

Transformation leadership’s most critical component, influence, is the key to an organization executing its mission, realizing its vision and completing its strategy. There are five areas of operations management within the RFDACS DEPOT. Material receipt, inventory management, logistical support, repair activity and shipping. This paper will show how the transformational leadership theory and its components influences and leads the operations management of the RFDACS DEPOT and the team that supports it.

ISEAIn-Service Engineering Agent
NUWCDIVNPTNaval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport
RFDACSRadio Frequency Distribution and Control System
RFIReady for Issue
SEA CORPSystems Engineering Associates Corporation
SMESubject Matter Expert
The RFDACS DEPOT Organization
The Radio Frequency Distribution and Control System (RFDACS) DEPOT organization was established in two thousand and eight. The government contractor tasked with leading this naval activity is Systems Engineering Associates Corporation (SEA CORP). SEA CORP is a veteran-owned business that focuses on systems engineering, software, and test and evaluation services in support of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport (NUWCDIVNPT). SEA CORP’s core business is providing services chiefly for submarine electronic systems. These services range from test and evaluation of existing equipment through the new development of hardware, software and documentation at the leading edge of technology. Transformational and Transactional Leadership

Transformational leadership is a leader who transforms his followers to achieve organizational goals beyond their self interests by influencing, inspiring and mobilizing. Transactional leadership is a leader who is mundane. These types of leaders perform the routine, the norm, but essential manager type tasks. In the RFDACS DEPOT we employ transformational leadership. This gives us flexibility because it involves everyone. And when everyone is involved the workplace becomes an enjoyable place to be. Employees look forward to being there and contributing, not just showing up to collect a paycheck. Transformational Leadership Theory

Transformational leadership is best defined as leaders influence followers, inspire motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration. (Bass, 1990) When the RFDACS DEPOT was commissioned there was not a clearly defined mission, vision or strategy for the RFDACS DEPOT to follow. Influence

Transformational leadership starts with a vision. This vision must be clear and unambiguous. The vision must be a clear picture of the now and the future. And it must be embraced by the team, which means it must be heavily influenced by the leader. As the RFDACS DEPOT Operations Manager this task fell on my shoulders. I had to define a vision and demonstrate through leadership that I firmly believed in this vision. My demonstration and commitment to the vision also gave me the opportunity to sell it to the team. I had to influence the team through a positive attitude, an enthusiastic approach to my job and importantly calmness in a time of adversity. Once that trust was reciprocated it became easy for the team to believe in the vision. The vision we developed was a process to induct, inspect and prepare the necessary work action memorandum and instructions for a failed component on the same day that we received the failed component. Motivation

The mission of the RFDACS DEPOT was never really established when it was commissioned. Therefore we had to decide on...
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