Transformational Change of a Law Firm

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Olga Piedra
Nyack College
Cohort 30

Transformational Leadership Course
Dr. Claire Henry, Professor
November 11, 2012

Table of Contents

Project Overview3
Scope of Work3
Wake-up and Mindset4
Change Management Model5
Drivers of Change6
Targeted Benchmarks for Success and Measures7
Transformational Change as a Business Model7
Chart of Transformational Change (Figure 1.1)8
Transformational Change of the Law Firm8
Change Leadership Style 9
Project Fees10
Names of the Project Team Members10
Questions to be addressed before the Transformation10
Appendix A: Burke-Litmin Organizational Assessment Survey13 Introduction

The organization selected is a mid-sized law firm located in the downtown section of New York City. This organization is in major need of personnel management transformation. Presently, the law firm has numerous challenges they need to transform specifically an effective personnel that can allow the law firm to operate effectively. This law firm needs to invest in personnel management that has prior experience running a law firm and/or a business. Project Overview

The purpose of this transformation is to incorporate a strong personnel in the law firm that will allow the office to function better on a day-to-day basis. There is a need to hire at least ten (10) new legal employees that will be able to handle the daily workflow in the law firm. The law firm needed an Office Manager to oversee the entire office and generate the work to each employee. The Office Manager is also responsible for making sure that the court calendar is kept orderly and up-to-date. Some of the transformation that needs to be implemented at this law firm are the filing system. The filing system needs to be re-evaluated and a more structured filing system needs to be put in place. The law firm also needs to invest in a legal software for all the computers so that all the support staff and attorneys can log into their computers and update new appointments, make changes to existing appointments, see the court calendar for the day and more. The legal software will allow the support staff and attorneys to make progress notes about each client on a day-to-day basis. Scope of Work

The process of the transformation is at its primary phase. The law firm just recently hired an Office Manager that has many years of experience managing in the legal field and owing her own business. This new Office Manager has plans to get the law firm running efficiently in a minimal amount of time. Wake-up Call

The wake-up call and drivers for the transformation was said once the previous Office Manager and Bookkeeper resigned due to relocation of their residence. The prior Office Manager and Bookkeeper were a husband and wife team that had been with the law firm for over five (5) years. Since the Office Manager and the Bookkeeper managed the law firm, once they resigned the Hiring Partner of the law firm decided to seek a new Office Manager that possessed many years of experience in management so that this Office Manager would assist him in hiring the adequate legal staff to effectively run the law firm.

The law firm practices several areas of law: real estate law, landlord/tenant law, general practice and loan modification. It is very important to have the proper legal staff for each area of the law practice. The legal staff that is hired needs to have the experience in the area of the law practice assigned to them to insure that clients receive the best service from the law firm. Mindset

The mindset is definitely set to hire the adequate amount of legal staff that have the experience needed to efficiently run the law firm. All future employees, both support staff and attorneys, have to bring in the mindset the Office Manager is seeking. The Office Manager seeks future...
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