Transformational Change

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Transformational Change

The four stages of the transformational learning process are identifying the problem, confronting the problem, finding a solution, and integration of knowledge. The first stage is called confronting the problem. This is a big integral part to any problem one may be facing in their lives. You have to first identify and recognize that there is a problem and admit that the problem exist. The second stage of the transformational learning process is confronting the problem. Once you take ownership of the problem it is time to start re-evaluating other options to see what works and what does not work in order to eventually come to an effective solution. The third stage is finding a solution to your problem. During this stage you will have to gather all of the information you have received from conducting research and/or from a professional expert and begin to weigh those options and begin setting realistic objectives and strategies to see how you get to there and how long the process to your transformation will take. The final stage is called integration of knowledge. Once you have taken all that you have learned from the previous transformation stages and begin a life changing transformation, you will begin to see things more different and if another situation arises you will handle it with much more ease because of the experiences gained throughout your previous transformational process.

I had a life changing event that occurred in my life that could have ultimately took my life. I was diagnosed with an illness that devastated me drastically and I almost gave up all hope of living. I immediately went into counseling to learn more about the illness and the effects it will have on my life and to deal with the psychological aspects. Once I went through the counseling sessions, I realized my worries were bigger than the illness. My doctor and counselor helped me to get back on track with my life by implementing various strategies to help me...
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