Transformation Through Education

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Education for change is fundamental to any process of change within an existing group or organization but it is often neglected; local church congregations are no exception. In the average small church setting of pastors are usually called to work with local congregations with the specific challenge of growing the church or bringing the church to a state of spiritual health rather than see the church diminish further and inevitably close. While there has been much written about principles of church growth, theorists tend to generalize the individual dynamics of the people grouped together in the local church setting to the point of futility. Ministers cannot implement growth principles without first understanding the requisite process of change necessary to bring about any kind of growth to the group. Additionally, this process of change must embody deliberate educational process that involves every participant for the sake of successful change. Part of this educational process includes the challenge to established definitions of power, the introduction of the language for change, the negotiation of the role of the participants, and the restructuring of systems. Together, each of these aspects of the process of education for change must be addressed and managed if effective change is to occur.

2.1 Etymological Meaning of Education
In English the term “Education” has been derived from two Latin words Educare (Educere) and Educatum. “Educare” means to train or mould. It again means to bring up or to lead out or to draw out, propulsion from inward to outward. The term “Educatum” denotes the act of teaching. It throws light on the principles and practice of teaching. The term Educare or Educere mainly indicates development of the latent faculties of the child. But child does not know these possibilities. It is the educator or the teacher who can know these and take appropriate methods to develop those powers. In Hindi, the term “Siksha” has come from the Sanskrit word “Shash”. “Shash” means to discipline, to control, to order, to direct, to rule etc. Education in the traditional sense means controlling or disciplining the behaviour of an individual. In Sanskrit “Shiksha” is a particular branch of the Sutra literature, which has six branches –Shiksh, Chhanda, Byakarana, Nirukta, Jyotisha and Kalpa. The Sutra literature was designed to learn the Vedas. Siksha denotes rules of pronunciation. There is another term in Sanskrit, which throws light on the nature of education. It is “Vidya” which means knowledge. The term “Vidya” has originated from “Bid” meaning knowledge. If we mention certain definitions of education of great educators of the East and the West, we may have a clear picture of the nature and meaning of the term education. Swami Vivekananda says “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. Like fire in a piece of flint, knowledge exists in the mind. Suggestion is the friction; which brings it out.” 2.2 Definitions of Transform and Transformation

Transform is to change markedly the form or appearance of, to change the nature, function, or condition of; convert. To subject to a linguistic transformation and to subject to a mathematical transformation. Transformation is an act or an instance of transforming the state of being transformed or something that has been transformed. 2.3 Definition of the Church

Greek word for Church is ekklesia, means “called out,” ek “out,” kaleo “to call.” 1.3.1 General use:
The word Church is employed to express various ideas, some of which are scriptural, others not. It may be used to signify (i) The entire body of those who are savingly related to Christ. (ii) A particular Christian denomination. (iii) To aggregate of all the ecclesiastical communious professing faith in christ. (iv) A single organized Christian group. (v) A building designated for Christian worship. 1.3.2 New Testament use:

In the New...
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