Transformation Process

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Use the following clip to answer the questions below.
Transformation Processes
Question 1
Define the term transformation. Use Sony as an example to support your answer. Transformation is converting resources into goods or services which are known as outputs. Question 2
Outline how the transformation process differs for a manufacturing business and a service business. Manufacturing converts inputs into tangible products things that you can see and touch whereas service transformation converts inputs into intangible products things that you can’t see. Question 3

Outline the transformation process undertaken at your school. The knowledge of staff, expertise, skill sets, technology, convert that into the education we receive today and develop in a well rounded citizen. Question 4

Explain the relationship between transformation and value adding. Transformation processes add value to the product. The cost include when a product or service is created adds value. Question 5
What are the four aspects relating to the transformation of operations? 1. Influence of volume, variety, demand and visibility.
2. Sequencing and scheduling
3. Technology, task design, plant.
4. Monitoring of processes, control of processes and improvement. Question 6
Identify the four ‘how much?’ questions that relate to the transformation process. How much is the key question that is asked in transformation in transformation, how much to make, how much variation or range, demand and how much consumer content should there be and what role would it have.

Question 7
‘The transformation process is influenced by the four Vs: volume, variety, variation and visibility. Summarise the influence of the four Vs by completing the following table. INFLUENCE| SUMMARY|

Volume| Is how much of a product is made, flexible in increases and decrease in demand of the product. Lead times are the times it takes an order to be fulfilled from the moment that the...
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