Transformation Essay

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Personal Myth Research Essay FD

My Transformations

We propose changes, transformations, evolutions and revolutions and yet neglect to realize our own mistakes, as of to where we should start changing and therefore find the proper ways to make these changes come true so a truly transformation can take place. My life has been a completely trial and error ever since I got out of high school in the sense that when I graduated I had not a single clue of what I wanted to do with my life. It was embarrassing because most of my friends had already applied to the local university and were set to start right away while I was still looking and reading to career booklets to see if any will ring a bell. As my last resource, I decided to go to a private university where less paperwork was required and was able to sign up until the last minute. Now that I looked back at those days I can only imagine my parents and family reaction to my last minute and quick decision mainly because I was an excellent student through high school and perhaps everybody had high expectations of what I could become but I could not help it, my mind and desires at that point of my life were blank. I was only eighteen but I felt the pressure of the years ahead if I was to get myself into one of those complicated careers that everybody else would have love to see me pursue but yet nobody would have feel my failure when probably along the way I would have end up quitting it and my efforts to please others would have been in vain.

The next two years in college were a joke. I bounced between two careers because I was not feeling it. I spent most of these two years partying and having a good old time with friends and getting drunk every other night. I was working and going to school therefore my myth at that time was the one of a working student trying to make it through college but I did not feel pride of what I was doing. At the same time, my sister, Paulette, decided she will try luck in United States because our little country, Panama, was not good or big enough for her so next thing I know she gets a visa and left us, her family, behind. We were a family of five siblings with mom and dad at home all leaving under the same roof except for my oldest sister, Monica, who got married when she was eighteen. When Paulette left it was devastated for me because up until that time we were very close; we hang out all the time and shared the same friends. I remember just thinking about her, after she have left, will make me cry. I emailed her almost every day and she called every so often.

In addition, some other situations were happening at home. The most important one was the fact that my oldest sister who got married very young and had two kids was getting divorce and taking on single parenting. In today’s world there are a large number of women who have decided to take on motherhood without the support of their partner either because they have taken that decision for themselves or they had no other option like my sister because she was getting bit up by her husband every time he came home drunk even when she was pregnant. Whatever the case is, always when we see single mothers taking care of their children, we should see them as women worthy of admiration and not make them feel as they have failed or like they should feel ashamed of their situation. Furthermore, the journey of raising children alone is synonymous of courage, sacrifice, love, and lots of effort when there is not parental or child support from the father of the child. My sister was not ready to play this role in life because being a single mother is a myth and by that I mean the myth or those ideas that we do ourselves or society makes it soak into our minds in the form of mainly negative thoughts created by those who wrongly criticize women's decision to accept the responsibility of bringing a child into this world and raise...
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