Transformation - Bring the Change by Being the Change

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Many people before us showed us that they could make a difference. Martin Luther King had a dream. He was willing to fight for equal rights for black and white in the 1960s. Back then this was unthinkable, but now equality became a first right in our democratic societies. Right now, there is still much of change needed. Our societies are ruled by money and individualism and this influences our daily lives. Is anyone is willing to step in the areas of business, arts, government, education, media, families and even churches to bring Gods principles there? Who will initiate tomorrows transformations?

Bring the change by being the change Respond to what you are called for By Arão Tomé Guerreiro Edited by Cherrelle Eid and Lyndal Walker

I Have a Dream
Each one of us has an individual purpose and calling on this earth. Joseph, also known as “the dreamer” in the bible, was called to be a Prime Minister and provided food in a season of extreme shortage for entire nations. Moses was called to liberate the Jews from the terrible slavery in Egypt. William Wallace dreamt and fought for his land’s independence from English domination. Another fighter was William Wilberforce. He couldn’t stand the harsh slave trade and committed his life to abolish slavery. Martin Luther King had a dream regarding racial equality and the end of discrimination. I have a dream. I am sure you have one too. If not, think of something that makes you restless, something that extremely touches you or something that affects you more that anything else. That particular thing is continuously itching inside, it is like a

hunger, a burning flame within. It just won’t let you be indifferent from it… do you know what? Your dream and calling is not far away from that! Your dream includes that particular issue being solved.

An Even Bigger Dream
So, you’re a Christian. You are part of His Church and live your life on this planet. But what do you do with this dream? Why is it there? Where does it fit? Let’s see what God’s word tells us about this. The Bible is very clear about what the Church is and what is expected from Her. I decided to use the pronoun Her because the Church is not merely a thing. The bible tells us that the Church is the Lord Jesus’ bride and body. Let’s continue on this topic of the church being a body. A body is composed of several organs, each organ is made from tissues and each tissue contains millions of individual cells. If the bible

compares the Church to a body, I guess the smallest individual part within the body is a cell, even though a cell has its own microorgans. Being this way, I am a cell within this worldwide body, you are also one cell, from the same tissue or not, from the same organ or not, but what still holds us working together is the protein laminin. Biologically, laminin is the protein that allows adhesion between cells. Curiously, laminin’s shape is a cross; which also holds us connected as the body of Christ. Because of one cross, where a sinless man died to pay for all our sins, we are redeemed! By following Jesus, we all become His Church! I would like you to follow this approach and meditate on the following conclusion: An individual cell of the body has it’s own purpose, as well as each organ, but together they all cooperate for something bigger, the entire body’s


Respond to what you are called for


May Your will be done
purpose. In the same way, our individual dreams and callings work together to fulfill a bigger dream. All our dreams joined together fulfill the Church’s dream. What is the dream of the Church? In Matthew 6, when Jesus taught us how to pray, you can see what comes immediately after honoring God’s name: “may Your kingdom come, may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Our personal calling is certainly doing what God expects us to accomplish, it is His will in our lives. His will in my life, plus His will in your life, plus His will in every...
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