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  • Topic: Publius Clodius Thrasea Paetus, Witness, Modal verb
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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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51. Andy last saw his brother 10 years ago when he left for America to seek his fortune. Andy hasn’t ________________________________________________________________. 53. The witness said that she hadn’t seen that young man at the club the previous night. “___________________________________________________________,” said the witness. 54. They are building new hotels all over the Black Sea coast. New hotels _________________________________________________________________. 56. The only explanation is that the secretary forgot to send the message.  The secretary __________________________.

57. I haven’t asked questions and I have answered no questions, either. I have ________________________________nor__________________________________. 58. There were no casualties because the fire brigade arrived within minutes.  If the fire brigade ___________________.

59. Witnesses said that there hadn’t been such a disastrous snowstorm for decades.  Witnesses described it as ___________
60. My girlfriend said she was sorry that she was half an hour late. My girlfriend apologized ______________________________________________________. 51. Sally was very enthusiastic about that competition. She came second, however. Despite ____________________________________________________________________. 52. A stream is usually not as wide as a river.

A river ____________________________________________________________________. 53. You should have a student visa in order to study in the USA. Unless _____________________________________________________________________. 54. Those two students haven’t got pens and they haven’t got any paper, either. Those two students have got ___________________________not______________________. 55. It isn’t necessary for a person to study music in order to enjoy it. A person does ____________________________________________________________. 56. My grandfather was in the habbit of stopping here for a drink whenever he came to town. My...
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