Transfer & Promotion Policy

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Objectives Introduction Need for a Transfer Policy Types of Transfer Promotions and Promotion Policy Reward Policies and Processes Vehicles for Rewards Need for Continual Retraining on Transfers or Promotions Let Us Sum Up Clues to Answers


After going through this Unit you should be able to understand the: purpose of and reasons behind transfers and promotions, changes in organisational structure necessitating transfers and promotions, a

. requirement of retraining on transfers or promotions in view of changi-ng technology, automation and electronic revolution.

exigencies arising out of expanding activities, and

In order to conduct business effectively, certain changes need to be made in the organisation's structure. This necessitates the regrouping of jobs, changes in departmental functions, repositioning of jobs and status, grade-wise changes in departmental fbnctions, elevation or lowering job categories and the physical relocation of employees, jobs and departments. Moreover, the expansion of business and the introduction of new products, services, processes and methods of operations, necessitate the creation of new jobs and promotion of employees to positions with greater scope and responsibility. Shifiingof pksonnel is also necessitated by employee-turnover, vacancies created by resignationwand dismissals, and when suitable persons are promoted or transferred to fill the vacant posts. Change in employee status and job is also necessary to satisfy employee aspirations and needs. Such movements of employees within a hotel establishment, is a usual phenomenon reflecting internal mobility. However, in a certain context, transfer is also used as a convenient device to punish and remove an undesirable employee or officer from his or her present post, as other disciplinary actions require lengthy procedures under the rules. This Unit -takes into account the various issues listed above.

A transfer is a change in job assignment. It may involve a promotion or demotion, or no change at all in responsibility and status. It is a change in assignment in which the

employee moves to another job approximately the same level of asponsibility, demanding the same skill and at about the same level of pay. Transfer is to be distinguished from promotion and demotion which imply an ascending or descending change respectively in the hierarchy of positions. A transfer may be either temporary or permanent, depending upon the need, and may occur within a department, between departments and divisions, or between plants or officers within a departments and divisions, or between plants or officers within a company/organisation. Many a times, transfers are used to fill a vacancy or shifi employees who are not giving their best to the company. At thesame time, in many cases promotions come with transfers. Two main conditions generate transfer si~ations: An individual employee may request a transfer in seeking his or her preference a d benefits. Organisations may initiate transfecs as a requirement for more effective operations, or as a solution to human relations problems. It is to be appreciated that transfers are made for a number of reasons and are initiated by either the supervisor or the subordinate. If transfers are left entirely to the discretion of e er supervisors or the subordinate or employees, a number of problems are likely to occur, such as favouritism or victimisation. For example, a few employees would get transfers as and when they want, while the request of many others would be turned down. On the other hand, some may get transferred repeatedly, causing them great inconvenien'ce. Supervisors may transfer their subordinates arbitrarily, just to get rid of then?. Some employees, for various reasons, may ask for transfers...
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