Transfer Pricing

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  • Published : May 17, 2011
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Week 6
Explain segment reporting. In what ways can this method of financial reporting be of assistance to users?

Week 10
Describe the ways that a corporation can respond to foreign users of their financial reports (i.e. transnational financial reports)

Week 11
Ch6. Q4
Compare and contrast features of the major foreign currency translation methods introduced.

What is a consolidated financial statement? What were the causes of its introduction?

Week 12
Ch9. Q1
What are the four main steps in doing a business strategy analysis using financial statements? Why, at each step, is analysis in a cross-border context more difficult than a single-country analysis?

Explain ratio analysis in relation to profitability, liquidity and long term stability

Week 13
Name and describe non-financial evaluation criteria that might be used appropriately to evaluate a multinational corporation. Explain the basis of the evaluative elements selected.

Week 14
What is transfer pricing? What are the various bases for setting transfer prices? Why are government so concerned about transfer pricing in multinational companies? Transfer pricing refers to a strategy that prices used for selling goods or services are transferred between group companies, in order to act as independent companies and achieve its goals, including profit maximisation and tax minimisation. Profits for the corporate system as a whole can be increased by setting high transfer prices on components shipped from subsidiary in relatively low-tax countries and low transfer prices on components shipped from subsidiaries in relatively high-tax countries.

Transfer prices could be based on market prices or on incremental cost.

List and explain the main objectives of transfer pricing in multinational corporations?

Name and explain the three categories of exposure risk in the global management of financial risk

Describe in detail the internal...
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