Transfer Hydrogenation

Topics: Laboratory glassware, Water, Distillation Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Objective: The purpose of this lab was to use transfer hydrogenation to saturate glycerol trioleate (the main fat in olive oil) to produce glycerol tristearate.

Reaction Equations:

Theoretical Yield: There was no Theoretical yield in this experiment

Procedure: Fill a 50 mL beaker with 30 mL of water and place it on the hot plate. Add 14 drops of olive oil to a 10 mL round bottom flask and then add 1 mL of cyclohexene. Add .05 grams of 10% palladium-on-carbon to the round bottom flask. Add a boiling chip to the round bottom flask and attach the flask to your reflux condenser. Use the water bath from the first step to reflux the mixture for approximately 20 minutes. During the reflux, use a 5 ¾ inch Pasteur Pipette and a tiny amount of glass wool. Push the glass wool into the pipette until the wool forms a plug where the pipette narrows. Weight out 100 mg of celite and add it to the pipette. After 20 minutes of refluxing, clamp the pipette and place a test tube under the tip of the pipette. Using a new Pasteur pipette, transfer the liquid from the round bottom flask to the top of the filter-pipette. Transfer the solution from the test tube into a clean round bottom flask. Let the oil cool for 1-2 minutes, then ad 2.0 mL of dichloromethane to your product to dissolve it and pour it into a test tube. Add 5 drops of 1% bromine in dichloromethane to each of two new test tubes. To one of the test tubes with the bromine/dichloromethane solutions add five drops of olive oil. To the other tube, add five drops of your hydrogenated olive oil/dichloromethane solution.

Observations: My observations were that the test tube with just the olive oil went from Reddish-Brown to Yellow and the test tube with the hydrogenated oil changed from a Reddish-Brown to a Reddish-Yellow.

Characterization: There is no percent yield in this experiment.

Conclusion: The results were expected in this lab. Error could have occurred if the procedure was not followed correctly,...
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