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  • Published : November 3, 2011
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When I applied to colleges as a high school student, I had little idea where I wanted to go or what I wanted to accomplish. I was living in Ethiopia, where things I take for granted now, such as internet connection, were very scarce. Therefore, as far as I was concerned, looking up and researching colleges was a luxury. My mother tried her best to help out, but since she hasn’t done this process in a very long time she could only offer me little advice. I was unsure about how to start the process and I felt very overwhelmed and hesitant. I was also afraid that I might end up in Addis Ababa University, where the standard is below par, if I failed in my college application to the US. I had to act fast because I knew that I would never forgive myself if I failed to grab the opportunity to come back to America for college. Since deadlines were approaching, I picked four schools based on superficial attributes and rushed myself into applying. I was accepted into three colleges which enabled me to relax a bit about my future. I applied for scholarships in each of the school, so when it came down to the financial aid, St. Johns University ended up giving me more so I headed there.

I wish to transfer, mostly because I seek a greater challenge. Currently, I do work hard and it has paid off but in the end I wish to challenge myself more and I believe I can obtain that through a transfer. Since last year I have taken much consideration and time to choose which schools can provide greater opportunities and challenges that I want and need to obtain a successful education; the opportunity to learn through the diversity and wider selection within the psychology department, and the challenge that comes with the prestigious reputation of each school. I also sought variety when I considered schools; I wish to transfer to a school that can offer variety both academically and socially, academically with the larger psychology department and socially with the size of the school. I...