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  • Published : June 14, 2011
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Healthcare Information Week 8 graded assignment
Page 195: 17-2: Transcription Productivity Study
1.)Total lines typed per MONTH by all three transcriptionists: 99054295 2.)Total lines typed per YEAR by all three transcriptionists: 1188651540 3.)Average number of lines typed per year per transcriptionist: Susan = 440656200, Mary = 439356150, Diane = 308639190

4.)Total lines predicted for next budget year = Admissions – 56,000, Consultations = 45% of all admissions and Surgical procedure(s) performed = 75% of all admissions. 5.)Additional transcriptionists = 1.1

Page 196: 17-4: Systems Flowchart

Page 207: 18-1: Cost Planning
1.)For utilities, medical and office supplies, filing system, etc. 2.)FIXED: rent, insurance, insurance VARIABLE: support staff (if paid hourly and hours per week vary), medical and office supplies. 3.)Costs of doing business in the central New Jersey area range, however one can expect to spend at least $300,00 per year for a modest single doctor solo practice in NJ. When researching this question, several sources went as far to evaluate the practicality and feasibility of a single doctor start-up practice in NJ. 4.)Estimated patient revenue to stay in business annually is $450,000. 5.)Given the lower reimbursements provided by medicare/Medicaid combined with the growing number of uninsured, and the longer A/R process in medical practices it is a daunting process for a medical provider to reach this level of patient revenue from services. 6.)Fee-for-service and capitation greatly differs since fee-for-service is charged per line-item or service provided which incentives providers to do more treatments, etc. Capitation is where a provider is paid a set sum of money to provide care to a particular patient. This is common in managed care plans, most notably, HMO’s. 7.)Benefits include being able to share the fixed costs (i.e. rent, property insurance, filing systems, etc.) Detriments include uneven distribution...
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