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  • Published : March 22, 2012
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Question: Investigate the different types of language used by Jeremy Clarkson in celebrity interviews. In one he is the interviewer, in the other he is the interviewee- MAKE THIS CLEAR IN THE INTRODUCTION- DON’T WRITE IN TITLE!!!

Michael McIntyre Interview – Top Gear

Jeremy: Now I gathered along the err way down here people offered you advice as to how you should driv[e] Michael: ((huff)) ((nodding head)) I got endless advice er um e-endless from everybody (.) err there was a woman at home eerrmm t-there was a woman at home, she’s my wife ((laughing (5))) uumm yeh my wife gave me advice the dry cleaner told me to turn the air conditioning off in the car because it makes it go more faster umm Jeremy: [the dry cleaner is talking sense]

Michael: yeh the guy who drove me here said uumm don’t brake (he jus) I think he didn’t like me very much (.) [h] he jus said [h] don’t brake Jeremy: (1) anyway err lets have a look at your ((mutters)) coz you have jus boinged onto the er into the public consciousness from sort of no two years ago Michael who to and now ((mutters)) these girls they just been queuing here all day [ ((mutters)) Michael: high girls (.) uumm (2) its been its bi its been going well (.) its been going well lately my shows on the tele on the Saturday night after casualty (.) uumm ((humming 2)) that’s when my show starts (.) and uumm ((crowed and Jeremy laughing 2)) after it goes ((Jeremy humming)) [im trying desperately to get on Casualty to publicise my show ((audience laughs 2)) I’d jus’ like to be on a gurney and then sit up down the corridor and go watch my show afterwards ((everyone laughs 2)) that would be ideal.

Jeremy Clarkson interview – Jonathon Ross Show

Jonathon: It’s nice to see you in a suit and its very lovely to have you here because Jeremy did step in and eerr you know he’s always welcome to the programme because you’re always a great guest but you did step in and help us out and i appreciate that. Jeremy: Nah that’s...
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