Transcendentalist Emily Dickens

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Emily Dickinson was an American poet who was not recognized as such until after her death. She lived in a world of isolation not answering to her front door when people came by. The vast majority of her poems express themes of immortality, love, and death. Prior to her isolation she has been known for falling in love with men that were married, some of which she had committed affairs with. Emily Dickinson was also said to go long periods of time just wearing one color such as white. The movement of transcendentalism impacts her beliefs and values.

Transcendentalism is a 19th century idealistic philosophical and social movement that taught that divinity pervades all nature and humanity. In other words divinity is in all nature and humanity Transcendentalist generally believe everything in the world is a reflection of god, intuition can lead people to understand God's spirit, a person can be close to god through nature and not necessarily be a church-goers, self-reliance, individualism, and that true feelings are more valuable than book knowledge. Some of Emily Dickinson's values are that of a Transcendentalist while some are not. Emily Dickinson does show transcendentalist qualities when she embraces individualism. She would rather be by herself at the point when her life goes downhill. All alone Emily lives a miserable life filled with sadness which is reflected throughout her writing works.

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